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Shortening the sensor to decision maker pipeline is critical to maintaining our advantage on the battlefield. Understanding where threats are coming from is vital to making informed response plans. With Figure Eight Federal, get a better visual of threats on the horizon, allowing you to make a better decision – faster. Figure Eight Federal’s clients see up to a 28% improvement in model performance.

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Get a Clear, Precise Picture of a Situation

Traditional methods of object tracking require videos to be split into frame-by-frame sequences meaning every frame must be hand-annotated to effectively train a model. Figure Eight Federal’s Linear Interpolation and Video Object Tracking model predicts the position of objects and automatically tracks them, reducing contributor fatigue and increasing productivity.

Figure Eight Federal’s Object Character Recognition (OCR) capability automatically generates transcriptions of text from image files, to be validated by a human for any nuances or variants not detected, reducing the total man hours by initially annotating without an assistant up to 51 times faster through our unparalleled Human Machine Teaming tooling.


See the Situation First-hand, Safely

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With Figure Eight Federal’s autonomous vehicle and drone capabilities increase your access to volatile situations and events, creating unparalleled vision to inform decisions in the moment, increasing precision and impact.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) leverages the power of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances. Our solution leverages LiDAR tooling with a 2D overlay to offer enhanced accuracy and custom coding, created more efficient, more precise high-quality labeled 3D data in as little as 45 seconds with an speed increase of over 300 percent.

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