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Precisely operate in the most high-pressure situations. With Figure Eight Federal, improve medical device performance, leverage computer vision models for disease detection, and apply Machine Learning to better understand disease progression. Our offerings evolve traditional doctor-patient interactions by refining techniques and saving lives.

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Understand a disease progression, before it progresses

Surgeon examining x-ray - Health solutions

With high-precision X-rays and computer visioning, better assess disease impact and prognosis and advance medical research. Care for patients more quickly and effectively while simultaneously improving the quality of patient outcome.

Robotics in Healthcare

Robot assisted surgery - Health solutions

Improve procedures and outcomes for patients. With robotics, advanced visualization, data analytics and connectivity, we better train surgeons to effectively complete procedures.

Other Figure Eight Federal Solutions

Intelligence Solutions

Decrease time to insight and act with precision.

Defense Solutions

Improve visual assessments to make better decisions, faster.

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