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We created the Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning Platform. The leaders in innovative Human Machine Teaming, we inject find-tuned Machine Learning with expert human judgement to form a powerful Machine Human Teaming bond – from creating AI data pipelines to the highest quality annotations. 

With an innovative and experienced approach to AI and ML, and a highly flexible and customized platform, we fuel and accelerate Federal government AI initiatives across the enterprise to build ground-breaking, scalable solutions for today and tomorrow.

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We are the most experienced AI solution supporting the Federal Government. We are ready to operate in all environments and have a strong understanding of all government requirements.

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Ready to operate in classified environments, we have a deep experience leading DoD, Federal Government to enable AI and ML at scale with a specialty in data processing and pipeline automation.

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Founded in 2007, Figure Eight Federal – originally Crowdflower – has its roots in Silicon Valley, pioneering Human Machine Teaming (HMT) to reduce risk, maximize organizations’ abilities to execute mission objectives from pilot to production. We enable faster, more accurate decision making.

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Solutions & Use Cases

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Our trusted solutions include:

Full Motion Tagging

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