Quality without Transparency is Meaningless

Transform your data labeling campaigns! At Figure Eight Federal we enable validated quality for enterprise data labeling campaigns resulting in authoritative training data you can trust

Figure Eight was able to provide us with full transparency in our data labeling campaigns, even allowing us to see historical quality patterns across different labeling teams. This was a game changer for our AI initiatives!
Our AI model underperformed because we didn’t know the value of high-quality training data for model optimization. Then we met Figure Eight and they helped us get it right. Figure Eight is the best.
We were very pleased with Figure Eight and we saved 30% on expected cost.

Who We Are

Figure Eight Federal is Appen’s (APX.AX) FOCI-mitigated arm for US defense and intelligence applications. Appen is a leading provider of data enrichment platforms for AI. Known for its precise, use case-specific data sourcing, enrichment, and human-in-the-loop model evaluation, Figure Eight Federal empowers analysts to integrate AI within existing workflows. Appen operates a global data labeling task force of over 1 million in over 170 countries, with expertise in over 235 languages and has been instrumental in providing training data for some of the largest AI initiatives in the world within the tech sector.

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