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The Figure Eight Federal Deep Learning Workflow leverages a tight integration with the Figure Eight Federal Annotation Platform to enable the most efficient, secure, and accurate workflow in the marketplace.

All too often, machine learning engineers are forced to use the data handed to them with little understanding of how it was collected or the ability to further enrich it. This results in algorithms driving the result instead of enabling real-world data to drive the ultimate application of the algorithm.

Figure Eight Federal Federal’s unified system provides a ‘data first’ approach. By giving Data Scientists and ML Engineers the ability to enrich and increase the size of their datasets, models are generated faster and with higher quality.

For this reason, leading technology companies work with Figure Eight Federal to create state of the art algorithms that power Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) and computer vision applications including drones, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and custom classifiers as well as NLP applications including semantic search, AI chatbots, virtual assistants, and text-to-speech solutions.



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