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Figure Eight Federal (F8F) is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for enabling customers to create traceable AI training data using novel machine learning (ML) capabilities, thereby enabling increased speed, accuracy, provenance of data annotation, and lower labeler cognitive load. We deliver this comprehensive, integrated, broad access, on-demand resource to supply the highest quality AI training data sets via Data-Annotation-as-a-Service (DAAS) for customers across the DoD and IC enterprises.

AI technologies are poised to remake the global economy and the nature of warfare. Good quality training data is the key challenge facing the widespread use of AI/ML across the Federal Government. Before an AI application or capability can operate effectively, the ML model supporting it must “learn” by being shown several examples of verified, ground-truthed data instances (e.g., audio, text, image, or video data). The quality of training data sets critically impact the effectiveness of an AI capability. Developing high-quality training data sets through data annotation (labeling) can be painstaking, laborious, technically challenging, and must be performed under rigorous quality control and security. In the intense global competition for information dominance, the U.S. Federal government can confidently deploy these new AI capabilities leveraging F8F tools to address the development of comprehensive, on-demand enterprise-level AI training data services across all sources and application areas — a critical cog in the larger machine of ML and meaningful content.



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